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“Are You As A Single Dad With Full Custody 

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With Your Children 979 Times or More?”




A Personal Message
From: Jorge Arguello

Dear Fellow Single Dad,


Before we begin, make sure the kids are ok and safe either taking a nap or having supervised play.


Then go grab your favorite beverage and that way you can read this letter in total comfort. One more thing; before you start reading click the play button on the screen above and watch the video. 


Did you watch the video? Great, let’s begin.


So you have just become a single dad or maybe you have already been for awhile, but either way you have full custody of your children, and you're going it alone without their mom around helping you out at all.


Whatever the circumstances that brought that situation about, it is what it is, and you're ok with it, right?


I’m sure you’re feeling a sense of wonderment but with an overwhelming feeling of responsibility as well. I remember experiencing those exact EMOTIONS in the beginning too and it can be downright exciting, stressful and daunting all at the same time.




The fact is you'll have to be both dad and mom and that's a fine line to walk all the time. It isn't easy but one thing you need to realize right now is that you can transform into a "Super Single Dad" and I'll show you how. Before I do though. . .


Let me ask you a question . . .



"Have You Ever Felt Alone Like Millions of Other Single Dads, Not Knowing Where to Find Help?"



For example, what would you do or how would you feel right now if you saw your sweet little three year old sticking a fork into your brand new surround sound system's speaker, and your eight and six year olds were screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, fighting over a plastic dinosaur that belongs to your ten year old, who is so quiet that—"HEY! Where is my ten year old?"


Now, that's not such a far fetched scenario really; it happens everyday and I know that when scenes like that happen in real life, you're kind of wondering, "NOW WHAT?!"


Yes, “now what” is the single most asked question every single dad , and all parents for that matter, ask themselves probably 50 times before the day is through.


Unfortunately for me and for most of the single dads of my generation, we had no guides, no forums or even any “real life experience” type books around to help out. But you don't have to go through that because. . .


“A New Handbook That Leads You to a More

Satisfying and Sane Life as a Single Dad.”


Looking back, I wish I had something like the E-Book I’ve just written when I was a “newbie” single dad. But guess what? You don’t have to wonder how, or wish for it anymore because it’s something you can have right here; right now!!


The name of my e-book is called:


The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children


This brand new E-Book is available RIGHT NOW and is downloadable any time 24/7.


Artfully you ask? . . . Yes, I know you’re wondering what that means, right?


Well, imagine you are the conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra and in order to make sweet music, not only must you read music, but you must be able to interpret the songs in order to make the melodies come through all those musicians and all those instruments.


That’s what separates the really great conductors from the so-so ones. You can’t do it by just waving the baton. You have to know how. . .


Being a parent is somewhat similar in the fact that you must understand your children and know their wants in order to provide and satisfy their specific needs. That’s what makes for a beautiful symphony of a family.


And, it’s that inside information that will "Transform" you into a real “Super Dad” while leaving other dads wondering how you do it so well.     





You won’t have to learn the hard way, without help and struggling to find the right answers, because when you order my Brand New E-book . . .


The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children


You’ll be armed with inside information giving you the knowledge you need.


My new e-book is filled with tips and facts you need to “create sweet music”. You won’t have to wait until your children are grown to understand what you need Right Now helping you answer the “now what” question!


While I'm on the subject of helping you understand the techniques of becoming a . . .



Join My Newsletter To Receive Announcements of Upcoming Books, News, Resources and New Products helping you Achieve Super Dad Status


Zip Code:


In my book I reveal “real world” techniques and tips you can use right away helping you achieve a more satisfying relationship with your children.


"All The Facts You Must Know To Survive As A Single Dad Quick And Easy At Your Fingertips"


My Guide reveals to you:


  • Understanding the sounds your child makes no matter their age
  • Meeting their needs while satisfying yours
  • Being mom and dad and reconciling the two
  • Discipline that makes sense for you and your child
  • Why lines must be drawn and enforced
  • Maintaining a happy environment for you and your family
  • Satisfying your need to form relationships outside the family dynamic 
  • Sex and the Single Dad

And much more . . .


In reality, you are very lucky to be here now. You're at the right place at the right time.


I wish I had a guide like this back when I started out. Even though         there have always been single dads, it wasn’t until the mid to late              eighties that the “single dad” phenomenon emerged as a new direction of the American family culture.


Back when I was awarded custody of my kids, I was one of the few men in the forefront of that new breed of single dads, a wave that would soon become a tsunami. Back then, there weren't any forums, blogs, or resources to find answers about something you might want to know, like:


  • How do I handle my son’s tantrum in the supermarket
  • Why is my daughter crying in her sleep and not waking up
  • Is there a way to control sibling rivalries at any age

And even today there aren’t many books that take you by the hand showing you step-by-step how to raise a very well adjusted, loving, respectful child that you can totally be proud of.


My E-Book Primer. . .


The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children


. . . accomplishes that for you right now. It reveals the insights of over thirty years of raising children, rich with “real world experience” that you can apply to your situation today, and get immediate results!


“Why You Need This E-book”


My name is Jorge, and I’m still a single dad. I’ve been raising my kids since they were born, on my own without the other parent present, so I totally understand what you go through day in and day out.


As you can tell from my picture above is that I'm just an ordinary "Clark Kent" of a single dad who through time and experience transformed myself into a "Super Single Dad". How I did it is what I will teach you so you can become one too.


Today, my kids are doing so well and have blossomed into wonderful young adults. They attend college while also working and just being normal. The difference betweeen my kids and others is how engrained the THREE R's are in their lives and a big partof who they are. Keep reading to find out the meaning of the three R's.


Both were honor students of the Advanced Placement Program one of their high school's scholastic programs which earn them college credits towards the college or university of their choice. It’s like being in college while attending high school.


I tell you this not just to brag, (hey, I’m proud of them) but to show you that you can do the same thing; raise children to adulthood . . . children that you can be proud of while maintaining a loving and respectful relationship with them that you carry throughout the rest of their lives.


Having children that love and respect you as well as being respectful to others will have you feeling on top of the world and very PROUD!


  These are just a few of the things that you'll discover when you invest and claim your copy of my e-book.





Look, I don't want to bore you with statistics showing that more than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. You probably already know that first hand.


But did you know that girls without a father in their life are two and a half times as likely to get pregnant and 53 percent more likely to commit suicide?


Or that 6 to 10 year old children that are raised in divorced-mother only households, showed a significantly increased likelihood “to lie, destroy property, and associate with children who got into trouble”?


Those are the hard facts, but it’s all a moot point anyway because whatever your situation was, the judge, or circumstances beyond your control, awarded you sole, physical and legal custody of your children.


Being a Single Father is a responsibility that you won't take lightly which is why you want MORE INFORMATION on being as good a single dad as you can be and why you are here reading this.


Anyway, whatever the reason is, your biggest question is “NOW WHAT”, right? 


There is that question again. LOL But that's what my e-boook...


The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children


...will help you with. You will have the answers to the “now what” or “what do I do” questions, which are probably the single, most often asked questions I hear from single dads.



“The Most Startling, Little Known Secrets on Creating a Lifetime of Joy for You and Your Children.”


What my Super Dad Primer does is explain to you, in vivid details, how to actually perform these tasks like:


  • How to prepare nutritious meals for your children
  • How to talk to your child and why baby talk is not always appropriate
  • How to handle your emotions in a Positive Manner
  • Maintaining a Healthy Balance in your daily life
  • Keeping kids occupied so Dad can do things around the house
  • How some TV and gaming systems can be beneficial 
  • Occupying them with ART materials stimulating their growth
  • Music styles that help your children increase brain functionality
  • How reading to your infant profoundly impacts their life
  • Why eating together as a family is crucial to your child's positive self 
  • Why singing to them is important to your child’s well being
  • How art is important for you as well as to your children
  • Why you should see yourself as an Artist raising your children

Some of those things seem trivial perhaps, but to someone just starting out, they are mountains to overcome. There is nothing trivial about raising children. It is hard work and takes know how, and believe me, that's the type of information you get from my experiences.


These are only some of the things my Guidebook will show you and help you with. I won’t leave any stone un-turned because I have lived through it all, and survived. I know you will be able to do the same because you’ll have a resource you can access again and again.



This is where I have to remove testimonials because BIG BROTHER also known as the FTC or the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION who is a governmental agency, is regulating and harrassing entrepreneurs who do honest work and gather testimonials from those that use our products. However, now we cannot use testimonials to show others how well our products work any longer. Until we figure out how to show others without recrimination from our ever watchful BIG BROTHER and the federales, how well our products work, you'll have to follow me in other ways like Twitter where you can find me at and at facebook at where you can see how others feel about me and what I say and do. I rather YOU, my customer know this than the Fucking government always telling us what to do, how to do it and on how to always control us. FTC SUCKS!





“How to Have a Satisfying Love Relationship

 Without Ruining Your Family Dynamic.”


Being a single dad raising your children is a Full Time Responsibility and it is the best “job” anyone can have in my opinion. You have accepted, or by circumstance, was handed the challenge and privilege to nurture and raise your children into dynamic, loving and socially responsible human beings.


As the primary parent, taking on the responsibility of raising your children, is a huge undertaking and you’ll have to adjust to your new way of life.


Being a Single Parent brings on a responsibility and commitment unlike anything else you will ever experience in your life.


Sacrifice definitely becomes part of that responsibility and you must come to terms with it; and the sooner you do the better.


In my e-book, I’ll address that aspect of being a single dad because having complete custody of your children, is totally different than being a “part time” single dad, where you're "sharing" that responsibility with their mom.


In any case, all parents come to terms with the word sacrifice and accepting that concept right from the start will make things easier throughout your lives.


But what about your needs, wants and desires? They cannot be denied either or it will throw the balance of the family dynamic way out into a black hole creating all kinds of turmoil for everyone.


By suppressing what comes natural to you is a mistake. But when is the right time or the right circumstance?  I’ll cover that specific topic in the book helping you better understand the intricacies as well as the consequences of those actions as it affects the family dynamic.


“Ten Topics I'll Reveal You May Or May Not Like”


Clearly though, there will come a time in your life, where Love with someone special becomes part of the family dynamic. Knowing when the correct time to get into a relationship and combining that relationship into your family is crucial.


My E-Book will identify for you:


  1. Why abstinence in the beginning is proper
  2. Acknowledging the proper time to have a love relationship
  3. How to identify if a relationship is right for you and your children
  4. How to do the process of “combining” gracefully
  5. Handling your children’s objections in a positive manner
  6. Informing your “intended” of your children immediately
  7. Establishing all the ground rules before committing
  8. Never putting your children at risk
  9. Inappropriate places to have sex with your partner
  10. Love and the Single Mom  


This section will be an important part of what you should know right away because it will become an issue at some point or another as time moves on. But done correctly and as outlined in the e-book, you’ll discover that:


Your relationships with your children will Skyrocket after reading and discovering these “Little Known Facts”


You can expect to have the relationship with your children flourish because of how you handled the relationship with your new partner.


Timing is everything and it couldn’t be truer than when introducing a new person into your family for the very first time.


It definitely is a delicate situation and that’s why my guide will spell out step-by-step how to approach that particular hurdle of your life, and do it with grace.









“This Is Easily The Most Complete Guide For The Single Dad Ever Written.

Available To You RIGHT NOW!



Yes, being a Single Dad is an overwhelming experience, as it is for any parent. Heck, it’s hard enough as a couple let alone as a single parent but at least as a couple, you have each other to bounce off many of these ideas and techniques, which makes it easier at handling any particular situation that comes up.


But a single dad doesn’t always have that advantage and often doesn’t     have the training or the knowledge to handle situations that can and will  occur -- sooner or later. Many times it feels like you're carrying the weight of the whole world.

When I was coming up as a new single dad, there weren’t many resources to tap into nor were there any reference guides in libraries or magazines to even contemplate searching for, let alone finding.


But again, lucky you because today, all that changes when you invest in my  SUPER SINGLE DAD E-BOOK. . .


The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children


You have something that I never had and neither did the single dads of my generation. We basically had to slog through it and hope for the best.


I was lucky and I had lots of training because I helped raise my younger brothers, and later raised a couple of “step children” before I had mine. I had “learned skills” too like cooking, cleaning, diaper changing (cloth ones too. Phew!) starting out at the tender young age of nine, so I  amassed lots of experience.


Remember, I have over thirty years of real life experience on how to raise a child to adulthood and that knowledge I pass onto you.



What You Will Easily Learn From This Book


  • How to care for your Infant Children
  • Identifying the sounds your children make and what they mean
  • Meeting the variety of care your growing children require
  • Feeding them nutritious food even if you’re on a “tight” budget
  • Why reading, art and music are vital to the healthy development of your child
  • The art of drawing boundaries and enforcing them
  • Discipline and it’s many forms
  • Matching consequences for different rule-breaking
  • How to nurture your child without “spoiling” them
  • The art of “giving in and backing down” when appropriate
  • Getting a grip on your emotions including fear, sadness, loneliness and anger
  • The art of a new relationship and how to gently introduce that into the family 
  • Maintaining a healthy family balance

Believe me, I will include all the experience and knowledge I've learned “the hard way”. That way you won’t have to go through it like I did, and I’ll include so much more.


If you've read enough and you're ready to own your copy then:






Jorge, it has been a pleasure and a privilege having you work here in our pre-school.”









“Discover the Secrets of Family Relationships

Making Them 100% Better, Guaranteed!”


I have packed as much information as I can in my Super Dad Primer so it gets you started and pointed in the right direction. It is chock full of          insights, tips and techniques giving you an advantage over all other single parents, single moms included!


Can I cover everything? Well, it's impossible to cover “every possibility” but I’ve laid out many of the experiences in my thirty plus years of being a parent that can and will help you to handle any situation and get you going right away.


With the information in my ebook you'll be able to create the kind of family interacton that you may not have thought possible. You'll never walk around aimlessly or be searching again wondering what to do. You wont have to worry about finding solutions to most problems you may encounter. You'll have the strength you need for your children because of the "Inside Information" contained in my e-book always at your finger-tips and at the ready.


Is this some “perfect solution” to raising a child or children? Absolutely not and it would be ludicrous for me to say that it is.


Nothing is absolute or perfect and raising a family is far from that ever being true!


There is nothing on earth that is perfect, except for “imperfection”.  And raising a family is about as imperfect as it gets because there are just too many variables. Just look at these two clans . . .                                 



But I can say this; what worked for me will work for you. After you apply my experience and techniques with perhaps slight modifications to fit your situation, you’ll find that you won’t have to struggle anymore, or worry “if only” there were someone around to help you or guide you.


You'll have more confidence in yourself, know who you are and what to do. You will have found your inner strength as a super dad and be able to take control of just about any situation, and handle it with ease.


And with that newly found confidence and knowledge, you will tackle any and all problems, rescue any situation that presents itself as you rise to the challenge because you will be a SUPER SINGLE DAD.






“Do This Right Now While You Are Here

and Thinking About It.”



I want you to Invest In And Claim your copy of:




The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children



It really is the Single Dad's Guidebook that gives you the Keys and a Roadmap to a More Fulfilling Relationship with Your Kids.


I Want To Get My Single Dad Guidebook

Into EVERY Parents' Hand


Order my new e-book today and receive all the bonuses for the price of:




That's right! For the price of take and bake pizza and a disney movie you can have the book and all the bonuses. Why so inexpensive?


Because I want you to have the Single Dad Guidebook at a price you can afford, especially knowing how tight it is in this day and age for everybody let alone single dads dealing with all the expenses of life.


I know what that feels like and I still experience it even now that they are in college and finding their way in the world. It seems every extra dollar goes to the children's well being, as it should.


"But Having Your Copy of The Super Single Dad Guidebook Won't Break the Bank or Empty Out Your Wallet Either"



And look at what else you're going to get from me. I am going to give you Extra Bonuses that will make your life easier. giving you more insights to raising children. Look at what else you'll receive:




After reading my chapter on finding a significant other, single mom girlfriend, or a romantic friend that you'll be spending time with, this e-book will give you some great ideas on how to really spice up that relationship. It comes with great ideas to surprise, enchant and enamour your new love interest. A $24 value, yours free.














A special report on how to communicate with your young children and teens. This report will enlighten you on effective methods raising the level of communication skills you have with your children. A must read report. A $20 value, yours free when you download your e-book.













My third bonus for you is a resource guide chock full of information offering you services that every SUPER SINGLE DAD needs for himself as well as for his children. With this resource guidebook you'll find websites that I’ve culled from the internet and elsewhere, giving you Instant Access on topics ranging from health issues concerning your children, parenting techniques, love, dicipline, pets, and information centers that can help you take care of any situation that comes up. This is information I wish I had as a single dad but something you get ready for you and at your fingertips. That’s a $37 value, yours free after you download the e-book.






















"But wait; there's more. Read on!"


Look what else you're receiving when you order today:


     You get a Free Subscription to my newsletter, “The Single Dads Newsletter”. I'll keep you up to date and informed on parenting issues, so you are on top of the latest on child rearing, health concerns, social issues new resources and books for the single dad.  Articles on dating tips, custody laws and so much more; a true value at $120 a year, yours free.


     You'll also receive a Resource Guide on ways for you, the Super Single Dad to earn money at home so that you can spend more time with your children while you Artfully Raise them. This priceless guide will contain URL links and information about different opportunities available for the single parent desiring more for themselves and for their kids. $47 value.



     You'll also be able to contact me for FREE 30 DAYS AFTER THE PURCHASE to consult with and discuss a parenting concern or to ask questions about some child issue. After the thirty days you'll have access to me at the lowest cost to you for continued consultations.


My time is very dear to me and I have been busy as a consultant, but when you buy your Super Single Dad e-book, you'll continue to have access to me as scheduling allows on a continual basis and at the lowest cost to you possible.



"Let's Review All That You Receive"


I have made this offer so good you get your money's worth and then some because you're getting insights on how to raise a child artfully thereby rearing a child with the 3 R's:


Respect, Responsibility and Reliability


When you order your copy, you are getting:


  • My Thirty Years plus of experience on being a single dad
  • Covering topics from birth to graduation
  • Tips and techniques guiding you through stressful family situations
  • A newsletter that provides up to date information on all topics
  • Applying what you learn transforming you into a Super Single Dad
  • Bonuses totaling over $300 all for the price of a cheeseburger meal
  • Access to me by phone or email for consultations
  • Plus FREE UPDATED VERSIONS of the e-book for life

You won't find a better deal anywhere. I've done everything to make this a no-fear, no risk and no-brainer for YOU so you can be the best dad to your children especially since you have them full time and with no help from the other parent. Plus you'll have all this at your fingertips and at the ready.


Order your book today for just:




The thing is I not only want to get this into as many single dads' hands out there as possible but EVERY PARENT. Since launching this new ebook, many people took advantage of the low advertised price and have told me how much they enjoyed the book. 


I know you will benefit greatly from owning your own copy so I am going to make sure this low price remains at least through the holidays and the remainder of the year. 


However, I reserve the right to change that price at any time. I may also change or eliminate some or all of the bonuses that are being offered, so if you don't buy now, and come back after the first of January next year it could all be different.

Actually my book has been picked up by a publishing company and everything is about to change as to the price and delivery. So I've lowered the cost so you can get it into your hands today... right now! I just don't know how long this will last.


I urge you to download your copy today while the price remains at a low







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So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to become the dad you always wanted to be for your kids, and if you are ready to transform yourself into a Super Single Dad then stop looking at the screen like a frog on a log and order your new book today.


Now It's YOUR TURN to decide. Besides, remember your children that were taking a nap and the ones at supervised play so you could read this letter?


Well, they have probably woken up or are "bored" now and they’re looking for and probably wondering where dad is. I'm guessing that they want you to feed them, so order it now while you are thinking about this.


You’ll be glad you did and the results you’ll get will last a lifetime of joy and happiness for you and your children.


My best to you and yours,                                                     

Jorge Arguello



P.S. Remember you have nothing to lose and only knowledge, with cutting edge tips and techniques, to gain helping you become a “Super Dad” to your children. Plus you receive FREE UPDATED VERSIONS of the e-book when they become available.


P. P. S. Bonuses!! You’re also receiving 8 bonuses including "unanounced" ones, the “Single Dads News” newsletter giving you more knowledge, insights, case studies, resources, tips and more. That's a $320 value you get for ordering your copy of the Super Single Dad E-Book. PLUS... Special reports and FREE access to me advising you on topics about raising children artistically. There aren’t many, if any, other online sites that offer you all this at one place. Order Your Copy Today.


P. P. P. S. Take this time right now to make the decision and don’t wait too long either because after June the price increases. Yes, it is available 24/7 but be that as it may, YOU know it is the right thing to order it now. As a single dad you’ll find that you must be decisive in nature to maintain your family structure. The biggest lie ever told was the one that says you should sleep on it before making a decision. Successful people like successful single dads, make decisions rapidly and change them slowly. Make the right choice. Download Your Copy Of: 



The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children









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